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Our Purpose

Adelphos-Chile was founded with the purpose of serving God by preaching the Gospel of His salvation and teaching sound doctrine throughout the entire world.  The word "Adelphos" (brother) defines us and gives character to our missionary focus with regards to the local church, to the missionary, and to the expansion of the Church which is His body in the world.  

This purpose is lived out through a variety of ministries, including:

  • Evangelism and Church-planting

  • Theological Education

  • Pastors Conferences and Seminars

  • Missions Conferences and Seminars

  • Youth Ministries

  • Aid in the establishing of national mission agencies

  • Disaster relief and other humanitarian projects

Adelphos-USA was founded to be an "Epaphroditus Ministry" (Philippians 2:25) coming alongside Adelphos-Chile and their missionaries as "brothers, companions in labour, and fellowsoldiers" and serving local churches in the USA by being their messengers and ministering on their behalf.

  • Promoting the vision, mission, and projects of Adelphos–Chile and its brother agencies.

  • Arranging and supporting the visit of the members of Adelphos–Chile and its brother agencies to the USA.

  • Serving as a member of the Board of Directors of Adelphos-Chile.

  • Aiding churches in the development of Hispanic ministries in the USA by serving as a bridge between local churches in the USA and Latin missionaries ready for service.

  • Travelling to Adelphos fields to teach, preach, and encourage the brethren.

  • Advising, assisting, and working in the development of theological training materials according to the needs in every mission field.

  • Recruiting, training, and supervising American brethren for partnering with Adelphos- Chile in both short-term as well as vocational missions.

  • Assisting in surveying new fields of ministry.

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