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Our History

In 1991, God worked in the hearts of Pastor Ivan Alegria and Brother Patricio Oliva to start a national missionary agency in Chile. Believing firmly that missions is for all churches, not just North American and European churches, they began working with several fundamental churches that had been established in Santiago, Chile.

In early 1992, several of those churches came together and formed Adelphos, the first Chilean Missions Agency - "In Great Commission Service"  

By the end of that same year, our first missionaries, Nelson Morales and his wife, Rebeca, were on a plane to Mexico City, where they still serve today!

Other fields were soon added - Paraguay, Chile, Ecuador, and Cuba, to name a few.

About this time, the ministry of Adelphos also began several unique outreaches.  Seeing the needs of the people on one of our fields caused us to begin using a humanitarian outreach program called "One Heart - Two Suitcases."  More recently, our humanitarian outreach on that same field included helping our brethren there with a farm.  Realizing the need for strong national leadership, we also began regular theological training of national pastors and missionaries.   

And in Latin America, the field of the Amazon of Peru was added.

Then God started working in sending our missionaries outside of Spanish speaking Latin America.  Works were started in Romania in Europe and Liberia in Western Africa.  We now also have our first missionary working with Hispanics in the USA!  And we look forward to what God has for us in our newest mission field - The Philippines, which we believe is a bridge into  Southeast Asia! 



In 2015, God led Patricio Oliva, President of Adelphos-Chile and Shawn Haynie back together through a series of events that can only be described as God-directed answers to prayer.  During the 3 weeks they had together in the USA, they started thinking about the possibilities of starting a branch office of the agency here.   In 2016, Shawn traveled to Chile, where he met with the board of Adelphos and they laid out the purposes of establishing a branch office in the USA, and Shawn also had the opportunity to preach and teach.  

Then after much prayer and direction from several pastors, Adelphos-USA was established in June of 2017 with Ivan Alegria and Patricio Oliva, as well as pastors from around Illinois attending the inauguration of the mission and commissioning of the Haynies. 

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