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Adelphos-Chile Fields

(as of September 2020)

(these are the fields where Adelphos-Chile serves and we at Adelphos-USA seek to serve as an "Epaphroditus")

  • ​Chile - 5 Families

These missionaries are along the entire length of Chile, but as a mission we are focusing currently on the Mapuche, who are the indigenous peoples of the southern regions

Santiago is also the location of the Adelphos Home Office with a staff of 4 families and 1 single lady.

  • Colombia - 1 Family  


  • Cuba - 34 Families

These are Cuban nationals that we help support. Besides financial support, we also go two to three times a  year for humanitarian and theological training purposes. 

  • Liberia - 34 Families

These are Liberian nationals that we help support. Besides financial support, we also go bi-annually for theological training purposes.  Among these, 5 families are supported as church planters and the rest work with our other outreaches that include schools as well as outreaches to widows and orphans.

  • Mexico - 1 Family

  • Paraguay - 3 Families

  • Peru - 6 Families

These are Peruvian nationals ministering in the Amazon basin that we help support. Besides financial support, we go several times a year for theological training purposes and other support ministries. 

  • The Philippines - 1 Family

This is a Filipino family ministering in the jungle area of Palawan that we help support.   We do have a vision to open this field in a great way to both US and Latino missionaries; not only for reaching Filipinos, but also using it as a base of operations for reaching into the unreached people groups of the 10/40 Window.  

  • United States - 1 Family

Currently ministering in Salem Oregon. 

The Home Office of Adelphos-USA is also here in the USA with 1 family.  

We also have had works in the following countries:  

  • Argentina

  • Ecuador

  • Romania



We are praying for workers to go back into these fields.  ​

* The links provided on this page will take you to informational pages on the web-site of Operation World.  This does not constitute an endorsement by Adelphos-USA of everything that Operation World stands for or does.  However, the statistical information they provide is generally reliable and their emphasis on prayer is commendable.  For those reasons, we have linked to this Christian organization for missions related information.

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