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Our Director - Shawn Haynie

Biographical Sketch:

  • BA Evangelism - Northland Baptist Bible College, 1986

  • Ordained to Gospel Ministry, May 1996

  • Certificate Spanish Language/Culture - Rio Grande Language School, 1999

  • MRE Intercultural Ministries - Grand  Rapids Baptist Seminary, 2002

After 10 years of ministering in Christian School settings, Shawn and Tina were called into missionary work through the  leadership of their local church.  They were led to the country of Chile where they served in church planting and theological education.  It was through Shawn's involvement at the Bible College in Santiago that they were acquainted with the work of Adelphos, the first Chilean Fundamental Mission Agency.

In 2006, Shawn and Tina were led away from Chile, but they always believed God would use their experience in some way in the future.  

After 10 years of serving again in Christian School ministry, God used a series of circumstances and the leadership of their local church to allow them to form a partnership with Adelphos-Chile and serve once again in a missionary capacity.

Shawn is excited to be able to work as an "Epaphroditus" (Philippians 2:25) alongside of the Adelphos-Chile leadership and missionaries by representing the mission in churches and Bible colleges; by traveling to Adelphos' fields to do short-term theological education and preaching; and, by forming, training, and accompanying missionary teams to work with Adelphos in their works around the world.  

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